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Located in Echo Park, LA KUSH is one of the first legitimate recreational marijuana clinics in Los Angeles. Our iconic store is appreciated by locals as a safe place to find great deals on amazing cannabis products.

Recreational and Medicinal

LA KUSH is licensed by the state of California to dispense Cannabis for medicinal benefits. We have serviced thousands of patients and have had extraordinary results utilizing cannabis as a secondary remedy to our patients needs.


So I had my scan results!
My tumor has shrunk from 3.5 inches at diagnosis… Now it’s 1.9 inches.
Still fighting!! XOXOXOXOXO


I was diagnosed w stage IV COLON CANCER that has metastasized in my lungs, left ovary, lymph nodes and lymph nodes in my stomach. They only gave me 6mos-1yr to live and that the chemo will only slow the process. I did my first round of chemo and it was successful but I’ve read so much about the RSO and success stories. I’m praying you are open to helping me and giving me the necessary info needed to attain this oil and quickly. I’m a believer!

Thank you in advance!

Teressa Robinson

I met with you back in March. I had stage 4 Lung Cancer. CT Scan showed no cancer two days ago. Doctor said she had nothing to compare me to. She’s never seen anything like it. All tumors are gone. God Bless you and thank you for the work you do.

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